dinsdag 2 juli 2013

You are all my comrades.... Fine Arts presentation

You are all my comrades
Double, triple echoes
lying down in my brain
Jumping as mosquitoes

It is a world
full of holes
It is a world
full of worlds
It is a world
full of holes
full of worlds
full of holes

Political therapy
Conversation run by Valentina Desideri, Géraldine Geffriaud, Jurgis Paškevičius and Roi Alter.
3-7 July 2013
Performance Sunday July 7th, 4pm
Kunstverein, Amsterdam

Dot Dry Date
Song by Géraldine Geffriaud with the voices of Roi Alter, Yosuke Amemiya, David Bernstein, Daniela Bershan, Valentina Desideri, Sophia Holst, KroOt Juurak, Aapo Nikkanen, Irene O’Callaghan, Jurgis Paškevičius and Diego Tonus

The Bible Performance
by Jugedamos (Jurgis Paškevičius, Géraldine Geffriaud, David Bernstein)
From Rongwrong to San Seriffe and elsewhere
Friday July 5th, 7:30pm at Rongwrong
Binnen Bantammerstraat n.2, Amsterdam

Part of a Festival of Choices, Graduation show, Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam

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